Monday, October 5, 2015

Reliable Renewable Energy, My Ass

For what this 100+ windmill project cost, four state of the art coal or natural gas could be built. Or, gasp! Nuclear.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Over the Top?

A comment I made on a Facebook posting today. She had put up something from the New York Times.

So sick of the high priests and priestess of the Church of Assumed Moral High Ground bloviating their opinions as facts and using "sources" who's research methodology is crap by any accepted standard. Sorry *****, we will never agree.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Strange Stuff That Interests Me

This is an eroded area I see  my travels. I wonder how this one area came to be eroded when the surrounding area didn't. The soil appears to be dried mud while the surrounding area appears to be leoss hills. The eroded area appears to be nearly vertical. Nothing else in the area is close to being vertical.

Any ideas? (Yes Sisty, most everyone knows I'm about a bubble off plumb).

Striking Back

Fighting back, social media division. As sure as the sun rises, the (P)regressive gun grabbers are molesting electrons at a furious pace about the Oregon shooting. Outright  lies and “spin” distortions,  correlation = causation, etc. I “follow” several, relatives, friends, and high school classmates among others on Facebook. Don't Twitter, or any other activity except this blog.

For about the last six months I’ve been calling them on their bullshit. They don’t like it. They have been successful for years with these tactics, even twice electing our current disaster of a President. Time to call them out. Why do I do it? For one I run a high asshole factor and enjoy poking holes in pompous self appointed priest and priestess of the assumed moral high ground. For another, I firmly believe you shouldn’t spend all your time and energy with those who already agree with you.

Who knows, maybe I can change a few minds. I know my mind has been changed on some issues by their postings. Better a shouting war than a shooting war if that can be avoided.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Grand Lady

My aunt at 100. Still sharp. Started the day slow but rallied. She was filling in details on pictures older than her.

Good crowd on hand.

Her daughter, my cousin, put a lot of work into the party.

Found out some interesting family history. Another ancestor I didn't know about served in the Union Army during the "War of Revolution".

For all the years I've been renting car, always got the damage wavier and never used it. All things change. Rocky Raccoon darted in front of me while I was doing 75 mph. No chance to miss him.

The car they brought to me didn't have cold a/c. No way was I going to Tulsa in a car with no a/c. They substituted a Ford Fusion Titanium, leather guts, sun roof, and lots of bells and whistles. We had an issue with the driver's seat headrest and the passenger seat belt but both my sister and I liked the car. My sister, the insurance adjuster, says that is a $3,500 oops.

Back home, very tired, and back on the job. Maybe something more this weekend. Will have a chance to read your blogs and comment. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Time Off

Off for a few days to see an aunt celebrating her 100th birthday. (Yes, thieves, there is a house sitter at my abode) No blogging until we return.

Where are we going? This is a clue.

More when we return.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cold War Relic

Near where I live is “Missile Park”, a closed Atlas E ICBM launch facility. Sorry for the quality of the snaps but it is hard to shoot around chain link fences.

The site is now owned by the county and used to store equipment. The tour is one of the maintenance people accompanying you as you wander around. Haven’t taken it as my knees and stairs are not friends.  An acquaintance has toured the facility and enjoyed it. An Air Force vet, he says any Missileer will like it.

Colorado’s Lottery profits are used to build parks and recreational facilities (despite the howls of SJW who propose “better uses”) and years ago  funded construction of the park. In fact, the place is run down and little used but a good place to visit when you want the voices in your head not to have to compete with other distractions. The county promotes it with a web site.

The Atlas program is now forgotten but was a big deal back in the day. A good site for those who are interested is here.

In that posting is a separate section on this site.

In my travels I pass by many of these sites and the current Minutemen silos. I don’t know about others but I’m never blasé; always think of the potential destruction housed in those sites.

For all the obscene costs of these systems, every closed and abandoned one represents a victory (in my mind). Deterrence works!  

Guess Convair got it right. The Atlas is still putting cargo into orbit. Too bad the business was so poorly run. You can make a great product but Boeing makes great products and “outbusinesses” their competitors. Always liked the Convair 880 and, though I may be wrong, the Convair 990 remains the fastest subsonic airliner.